Here are some of the resources and people I follow.  Some of this may be a little redundant based on our past conversations, but you will have it all in one place. – Live calls and tons of great info – SubTo and lots of creative financing ideas – Been around for a while.  Some of his older stuff may be more relevant – Awesome wholesaling ideas and live calls – Look up who is buying and flipping properties – use someone else’s $$$ to fix and flip

I have also attached my comping spreadsheet I made to keep track of each property and what I should offer.  I have a folder on my computer called “Properties” and inside that, a folder for each property.  I name each folder the property address.  Then I make a copy of this spreadsheet and add it to the property folder.


  • Comp sq/ft $ = I find comps of sold homes in an area (same subdivision, don’t cross major streets) and find out or average out what the selling square foot price is and use that for my prospect home.
  • Rehab rate = depending on how bad the images of the property look and the market this seems to range from $30 – $60.  It will calculate by square foot of the home.
  • Wholesale fee = this is the fee I want to charge when wholesaling the property